Be prepared to work!  Let Krzysztof guide you through an hour and half of hardcore cardio and strength training in our adult boxing program.  Learn the art of boxing while gleaning the far-reaching benefits of a dedicated, regimented training program.  


Born and raised in Easter Europe, Krzysztof Tyszka began his boxing career at the age of 12 at Stoczniowiec Gdansk, coached by Polish Boxing Champions Ryszard Bronis and Leszik Kosedowki. Winning numerous tournaments placed Krzysztof at no.7 in the light heavyweight division by the Eastern European Federation of Boxing. His boxing record includes 60 wins, 6 losses and 1 draw, with his most notable success in 1988 in Schwerine, Germany, winning against Hungarian Zoltan Beres (Olympics Bronze Medal receipient with a ranking of no.4 in the world in 1992). 

Once Krzysztof’s amateur career ended, his coaching career began. He trained Eastern European youth for several years before moving to the United States of America in the late 1990s, making his home in Memphis, TN. In 2011, Krzysztof worked as assistant coach under Michael Moorer, the 3-time heavy weight champion, and trained Polish Marinsz Wach, the up and coming top 10 fighter in the world.

In 2014, Krzysztof began his position at Envision Memphis as boxing coach for both youth and adults.


Simply wear comfortable attire and tennis shoes that allows for ease of movement.  If you have hand wraps and gloves, you are welcome to bring them but no equipment is necessary to begin.


Weekly private group training is to be decided by the instructor based on level of skill / schedule.  To get started, simply call then Coach Krzysztof will set up a meeting with you to discuss further details.


$100 / month for once / week training*
$150 / month for twice / week training*

$100 private one-on-one training session (training time lasts 1.5 hours min.)

Envision Members receive up to 20% off private sessions

(*) sessions scheduled with coach.  Sometimes training will be one-on-one.  Sometimes training will be combined with other students.