Combat Negativity with Intentional Mindset

Combat Negativity with Intentional Mindset

From an early age, we’re told we need try harder, do more, and be better. We are told this so much, that by adulthood it can be difficult for us to accept our best efforts as good enough. 

Being positive sometimes takes an intentional mindset. There have been a few key moments in my life when I realized a positive attitude really can change the way you view yourself and your life. For example: many years ago I found myself broke and extremely depressed. People would counsel me to find a way to be of service - they knew I needed to get out of my own head.  But I thought: “I have no money and no job, what can I do to help others?”

Simple Acts of Kindness

It was approaching winter and for some reason, I owned a lot of sweaters.  I decided to gather them up and hand them out to homeless men I frequently saw on the streets in my neighborhood. Almost immediately, I began to feel better.  I was amazed how this simple act quickly elevated my mood and changed my self defeating mindset. 

Be Grateful

Gratitude is another force shield that I believe works against negative thinking.

Among the many things I’m grateful for is being part of a community that understands the importance of positive motivation . Time and time again, I realize that fitness is more than physical training. It takes mental training as well. I’m very aware of how the self-critic in your head can be a powerful force. Our goal at ENVISION is to create a space and a culture that helps you build that positive mindset so you can carry that with you through your entire day.