Community & Commitment

Community and Commitment

When Joanna and I became the owners of ENVISION over four years ago we knew we wanted to create a gym with a sense of community. Our goal is to provide an experience that motivates everyone to reach their fitness goals.

According to the Fitness Industry Association, approximately 12% of all gym members’ sign up to gyms in January. By June most of those people have quit. Well, here it is – June, and our membership continues to grow and on average over 70% of you are here each week.

To me there’s only one explanation – YOU! Anyone can go to a big box gym where someone turns on the treadmills and points to the weight machines. But you choose to come here where I think the community of people we have is amazing. You meet at the gym. You become friends and hang out. Business relationships start. Trust is built. It’s all the elements of community. Sometimes when I’m walking down Main Street, I see Envision members spending time together at some of the restaurants and patios along the way and it makes me feel good!

What Does Community Have to do with Fitness? Commitment. 

Being with others who share like-minded goals helps you stay committed to your own goals – your resolutions. I see how you greet each other and encourage each other. It’s like Kristan Huntley said in last month’s success story: “Everyone at the gym is fantastic and friendly. If you miss class, people genuinely ask if you’re ok. No guilt trip. And everyone wants you to be successful. It is great to be working hard and sweating up a storm during a class, and about the time you start wondering if you are going to make it through, someone looks over at you with a smile of encouragement.”

It’s hard to hit the snooze button on the alarm or skip boot camp for the bar when you know folks are waiting to cheer you on at ENVISION. I appreciate how each and every one of you contribute to our community – which leads to the level of commitment each of you has as well. Keep working hard and motivating each other. Your hard work is inspiring someone near you to work harder, too.