In life, just like the gym, surround yourself with good people who support you.

It’s the start of a new year!  

There are many reasons we commit to a fit and healthy lifestyle. We may want to get stronger, lose weight, or just feel better and have more energy. But whatever our goals are, at some point we are going to start trying to talk ourselves out of achieving them.  Whether our brain tells us we don’t need to finish our workout, or even workout at all, at some point each one of us experiences negative, limiting thoughts. 

But when we push through these limiting thoughts, we prove to ourselves that we really are stronger than we may have realized.  And I believe that by pushing through our workouts, we can learn to push ourselves through challenges in life.  Just like in the gym, we can learn to achieve more than we’re programmed to think.  

We can learn hints of our potential through exercise.  We can learn the difference between pain that means we are growing, and pain that means we need to back off and slow down.  Joanna and I want Envision to be a safe place to learn just how hard we can push to improve. We hope you can use your success and power with us to learn to believe in yourself a little more.  And, don’t forget that in life, just like in the gym, surround yourself with good people who support you.