Frequently Asked Questions

Are the classes included in the monthly membership?

Unlimited group fitness classes on the schedule are included in the DELUXE membership package. The only exceptions are the combative arts classes.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract to join?

No. We only require a written cancellation (via mail or email) and the first and last month's dues upon joining.

Where do I park?

Parking is free before 8am, after 6pm and on the weekends on the street downtown. We also have parking pass access to a secure garage next door for an additional monthly fee. Call today for more info!

Can I attend classes even though I am not a member?

Classes are available to members and nonmembers.  Drop-in rates for nonmembers apply. 

Do I have to be a member to train with a personal trainer on location?

No. We simply ask anyone practicing to sign our standard waiver.  However, members do receive 10% off our training services.

I'm interested in membership or attending a class but I notice the doors are locked. How do I get inside?

We are a secure private facility, our members receive access fobs. Our staff is also there each day to let you in. Let us know when you plan to attend or simply call at the door and we will buzz you in!

Can I try out the facilities before joining?

You bet! We offer drop-in rates for class or workouts. Class Drop-in is $16. Workout Pass is $16. If you join within 14 days, any drop-in fees are credited to your first month's dues. Call anytime and we'll get you started.

I'm in town for a few days....can I just get a day or week pass?

Yes! We offer the Class Drop-in or Workout Drop-in rate of $16. Full week passes are also available which include a keyfob for secure access during open hours, unlimited group fitness classes, shower and towel service. The full week pass is $75. $10 of the $75 will be reimbursed once the keyfob is returned at the end of your stay.