Kajukenbo Memphis

We practice the Original Hard Style Method of Kajukenbo Self-Defense. 

Kajukenbo is a mix of (KA) Karate, (JU) Judo/Jujitsu, (KEN) Kenpo, and (BO) boxing established in Hawaii in the mid 1940s. Kajukenbo Memphis is a branch of (RKK) Reyes Kenpo Karate established in 1959. 

You will practice basic fundamentals: blocks, kicks, strikes, tumbles, falls, throws, takedowns, and ground work.

You will apply these fundamentals through specific Kajukenbo Self Defense Knowledge: Grab Arts, Advanced Counters, Knife, Club, Gun, Multiman Attacks, Alphabets, and Katas (forms).  

Most importantly you will be trained to recognize, avoid, or respond to potentially life threatening situations. 


Sifu Christopher Reyes is a lifelong, 3rd generation self-defense practitioner of the Original Hardstyle Method of Kajukenbo Karate. Sifu Reyes is a 5th degree blackbelt who studied under his grandfather, the late Professor Aleju Reyes and his father, Senior Grandmaster Alan M. Reyes.


At this time, only private sessions are available.  Once classes begin again, we'll post it on here!  Usually Kajukenbo classes are held 2 nights a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:30 to 8:30pm. Classes consist of a 2 hour strenuous workout and are for adults only. Prospective students are invited to attend two classes at no charge.


Sweatpants, red crew neck t-shirt, mouth guard and groin protection for both male and female students is required. A black, heavy weight Gi (uniform) is encouraged but optional for your first 3 months. Shin and arm pads are also optional. If you are interested in sparing, you will need head, feet, and hand pads. 

Dach Imports in Memphis, TN carries all the martial arts equipment that you may need.


$20 / Class (5 class and 10 class packages available at a discount)
$120 / Month for unlimited Kajukenbo classes

$300 / 3-Month Session

$100hr / Private Lessons

20% off for members

See Pricing for details.